Since more than 25 years, Italbul Shoes designs, produces and sell sslippers, clogs, sanitary line, comfort and fashion sandals for women and men.

Inspired by the know-how and tradition of Italian footwear, Italbul Shoes wants to offerquality products atafforbable prices on the international market.

Thanks to an effective internal organization and the placement of different countrywide units (closing, finish and lasting department), Italbul Shoes isable to satisfy also a production of large volumes and the demands of a growing and international market and pubblic.

Our products

From idea to product

Our product are made following the Italian footwear tradition rules and design by ouritalian designers and specialists in search for new solutions and innovative trends meeting the demand of increasing and competitive customers. Classic and contemporary modelslinesdesigned to offer comfort and style even to the mostambitiousfeet.

Each model is designed in detail, made with care and with selected materials most of all, coming from Italian suppliers and retailers who ensure the respect and the compliance with the Reach.

To meet the needs of a public looking for safe, and eco-friendly products, Italbul Shoes uses the partnership of Intertek Italia, aleading provider of Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services. At random checksand samples test (chemical and physical test) are carried out on materials, components and finished products in order to show the compliance with safety, quality, performance and eco-friendly standards.

Italbul Shoes joins,withing its activities, to an ethical and social code to ensure the respect and the dignity of people, the health and safety of work, rules and environment.

Our trademarks

Our products have recorded trademarks ,belonging to Italbul Shoes. Three lines enrich our assortment to offer our public the right option according to its tastes.

pretty Shoe®


Ser Go'®

On demand, we produce our articles with personalized brand and customised packaging.